Friday, 25 March 2011

A Travelogue for Tourists and Our Future Generations

My Travelogue
The name Pasir Panjang appears as "Passir Panjang" in 1851. The Malay word pasir panjang literally means "long sand", a reference to the long sandy beach that stretched along the coast in this area.

Pasir Panjang Road:
Starting at Alexandra Road, Pasir Panjang Road continues to Clementi Road where it becomes West Coast Road. Since the building of the West Coast Highway, Pasir Panjang Road has become a secondary road which now has less traffic.The road passes through many developments built over a long period, ranging from some intact Malay kampong houses which were displaced from the Kallang Basin area in the 1930s (many of which have since been demolished), numerous villas, modern apartment and condominiums, Tiger Balm Gardens (now Haw Par Villa), The Haven (now the Salvation Army Pasir Panjang Corps) and Pasir Panjang Park. Pasir Panjang Park, established before World War ll and about 11,800 square metres in area, is situated between Pasir Panjang Road and the wharves just past Pepys Road. At the end of Pepys Road is a small group of black and white colonial houses of the 1920s era which command a good view of the sea.
The Pasir Panjang Pillbox:
Concrete pillboxes were built along Singapore's eastern and western coasts as part of the British World War ll defence.Together with landmines and barbed wires on the beaches, the pillboxes and their guns comprised an important part of the coastal defence of Singapore.The machine gun pillbox at Pasir Panjang is one of the few World War II Relics that has survived to the present day. It lies within the area defended by the First Malaya Brigade, and may have been used by the Malay Regiment in their fierce battle against the 18th Japanese Division on Pasir Panjang Ridge in February 1942.

The Post office:
Along Pasir Panjang Road, there is a post office where residents can send and receive mails and it is very convenient for the residents along the road.

The Pasir Panjang Terminal:

 In 1993, the Port of Singapore Authority (PSA), now corpratised as PSA International, started constructing a new container terminal  at Pasir Panjang, the Pasir Panjang Terminal. The terminal is located approximately 7 km west of the company's other container terminals at Keppel Harbour.he terminal's first four berths of the planned 26, opened in 1998, with two more berths becoming operational by the time of the terminal's official opening in March 2000.

Creating the travelogue...
When the eLearning task came out for humanities,it was raining heavily and I was like :”Oh my god how am I supposed to go out and take pictures??Its raining so heavily!”Then I saw the deadline and I sighed in relief.After that,I began planning on when and where do I have to do it and how.

The Challenges:  When I first went out to take pictures, people were looking at me like I wasn’t allowed to do so and it made me feel quite uneasy, but I knew I had to and when I finished taking pictures, I found out that I was half-lost but eventually made my way back home.

The Enjoyments: I really like taking pictures so I really enjoyed it when we had to take pictures.

Area of Improvement: I think maybe I could have provided more information about the past but could not find all of it.

Picture time!
1st Picture:Pasir Panjang Road
2nd Picture:Pasir Panjang Pillbox
3rd Picture:Map of Pasir Panjang
4th Picture:Pasir Panjang Terminal

                       So this is the information for the future generations!Hope that you would like it